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Strength Training Guide updated

Strength Training

Strength Training

Please download the latest version of that Guide here. I have added some terminology and – more importantly – included some more programs.

Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – ten days in

After I had found it rather tough at five days in, now things are getting better. And I feel I am making progress, which is nice.

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HIIT / Metcon Training Guide published


HIIT aka MetCon

Please download the latest version of that Guide here

Giving up Google for lent – an update

I recently got the following question in respect to my giving-up-Google-for-lent post, and I thought I might as well reply on the blog

I started to give up on Google’s products and services. At least to mostly of them. Some I can’t right now. How are you doing about this? Can you give me some tips about replacement to Google’s products?

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Dan John: Mass Made Simple – A review

After having finished Easy Strength recently, and Never Let Go a while back, I recently bought Dan John’s book Mass Made Simple, and I managed to read it in the train to Paris and back yesterday. Here my review: Continue reading

Mobility and Prehab Guide published

It feels a bit like a 20rep squat to push those guides out. One more down – 14 in total – so only one more to go. Then on to the book proper…

Mobility and Prehab

Mobility and Prehab

Please download the latest version of that Guide here

Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – five days in

Five days into my five-a-day program I have to say that it is surprisingly tough.

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