Kool Tools

Here my first take on the tools and equipment you need to get going. I will keep it updated in a static page on this site

Props & Kit

Heavy duty elastic band(s) – if you can’t to pull-ups those are great to get you going. I personally like the green one’s from Pullum (ca 20-50kg resistance)

TRX Suspension Trainer – Not cheap, but pretty versatile and mobile training tool. Make sure to get it together with the door anchor. If you care less about mobility, then rings might be a better (and possibly cheaper) alternative

Kettlebell – Probably the best value-for-money (and space efficient) weight training tool. Ideally try them out in your gym, and go for one size bigger than you are comfortable with from the beginning so that it last you for a while (so if you start with a 16kg/1pood kettlebell as most men should, buy a 20kg one for home use)

Fingerless gloves – I know, I know, they are for sissies, but still. Sometime your hands just hurt.

Climbing rope – I always have some rope with me when exercising, especially when going to the park. The thin one (1-2mm, at least 100kg) does not take much space and can be used to fix the elastic bands. The thicker one (5mm+) can be used to fix your TRX on a high tree or the like, and you can use it for tightrope walking and climbing. I also always have a short (1-2m) piece of it with me which often helps fixing things (TRX on a thick tree, weights on my waist)

Carabiner – Particularly useful to fix the elastic band – using a cord (especially a thin one) directly might wear it down too quickly

Electronics & Apps

Heart Rate Monitor – I personally like the one’s from Polar, and would go for the most basic model – IMHO anything but the current heartrate is not particularly useful

iPad/iPhone/iTouch – any of the above will be a great companion for your training regime, be it for measuring and timing, for your exercise journal, or simply for having the necessary information at your fingertips

MyNetDiary – for logging your calories and exercises, making sure you stay in the Zone

GoodReader – So that you can take all your articles and videos from the CrossFit Journal with you to the gym

Boxing Timer – To run your favorite Tabata (or any other kind of) interval training

PlainText – Ideal to keep your exercise journal in synch on all your computers and on the cloud (uses Dropbox)

Spotify – For your workout soundtrack

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