Start with the left leg, or the right?

We tend to always start exercises with the same arm or leg – and this tends to be not good as this means that one side is always more rested than the other one. I have found an easy trick to ensure that every side gets its fair share:

On even dates, I start with the left arm/leg, and on odd dates, I start with the right arm/leg. So today is 14/Feb, 14 is an even number, hence I started with the left throughout the day.

This works particularly well if your exercise schedule is a bit erratic. If you are on a fixed exercise schedule some “resonance” effects might creep in and whilst in the long run you will still even out both sides you could emphasise one side for long stretches. Here a couple of examples:

  • On the classic 3on/1off CrossFit schedule you will only switch sides at the end of months with an odd number of days, so here you are probably better off running something like L/R/L, then R/L/R etc
  • On a weekly 1on/1off schedule (eg Mon/Wed/Fri) sides are only switched once a week – this I suppose is OK….

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