The plan: losing 5kg over the next four weeks whilst improving the VO2max

Whilst I am generally happy with my body I probably could lose another 10kg or so of fat to be really really happy. Hasnt been a priority for me though in the last year – losing the first 20kg was – as I felt that weight loss would interfere with my training which was very heavily focused on heavy weights. When I started lifting I very soon realised that at 1600cal/day my squat simply did not improve….

Anyway, given my current training focus (which is mainly to improve VO2max), I am thinking it might be a good opportunity to sneak some weight-loss in whilst I am going light on the heavy weights. So lets see whether the 5kg are achievable.

Action items

  • Eat 1600 cal per day PLUS some (but not full) compensation for exercises done; the plan is to replace about half the calories that MND thinks a particular training session takes, and adjust it upwards or downwards depending on hunger and/or training performance
  • Target a macronutrient ratio of 30% fat, 20-30% carbs (again lets see how this goes – 20% might be a bit low), and the remainder in protein (ie slightly below Zone, with the view to not lose too much muscle in the process…)
  • Cut out high GI foods – no sugar, no refined grains, and also rather vegetable than fruit (broccoli is your friend) and eat on the Paleo* side

I’ll report how it goes…

*Recent blog entry on Paleo – I like his blog design by the way. Felt like home so to speak

5 thoughts on “The plan: losing 5kg over the next four weeks whilst improving the VO2max

  1. Hey thor, thanks for the linkage! I like your format too 😀

    If you’re looking to lose weight, I would up the fat and lower the protein and further lower the carbs – 40%calories from protein is probably excessive, depending on your weight and lean body mass. Dropping carbs to 20% or lower will really help and dietary fat can’t make its way into fat cells without elevated insulin levels produced by either carb or protein consumption.

    Read the Primal Blueprint – I can’t recommend it highly enough. I was really into the Zone for a long time and since going paleo I’ve thrown macronutrient ratios to the wind (instead eating adequate protein and low-carb). Since then I’ve neither seen nor experienced any detrimental effects of this lack of focus, even in competition (my strictest Zone meals were my pre-game and post-game meals).

    Sears says some good things but he really misses the ball when it comes to the O6/O3 ratio and especially grains.

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