Paleo eating in Germany – an experiment

“Und der Teufel – in der Not – isst seine Wurst auch ohne Brot. (German proverb, roughly translating as “if fallen on hard times, the devil will content himself with eating his sausage without bread”

This was pretty much my approach to Paleo eating (well, actually Primal Blueprint eating) whilst I was in Germany.

  • Dinner day 0 (late arrival): avocado, olive oil, red pepper, sundried tomatoes
  • Breakfast day 1: big scrambled egg with veggies and some ham; some sausage; some black-forest ham (brought 1kg back to London…); some salmon; pass on the bread-roll (“Brotchen”), the pretzel (“Bretzel”), and the croissant (ibid, also “Hornchen”)
  • Lunch day 1: nothing – but did have some nuts & some 85% black choc throughout the day (remember, I was in the Sauna)
  • Dinner day 1: various sausage & fish; tomato; pepper; avocado, kohlrabi
  • Breakfast day 2: greek yogurt with olive oil, more sausage
  • Lunch day 2: various strips of meat (beef, pork, turkey) served in a pan; pass on the croquettes (but not the sauce!); some of my daughter’s Wiener Schnitzel (technically Schweineschnitzel Wiener Art, meaning it is pork, not calf)
  • Dinner day 2 (in the JAL/BA lounge at FRA airport): Wiener sausages, olives

Clearly, all very low carb, a significant portion of the calories from protein (and even more from fat). Lots of fat, saturated and unsaturated, but probably no trans fat (sausage was from the local butcher, not a factory) – there might have been some used when frying the meats on lunch day 2 though, but de minimis. No grains whatsoever.

I am very interested in checking my weight tomorrow morning, testing Mark Sisson’s assertion that you do not gain weight if you eat low carb, even if you overshoot on the calories (I suppose I might have averaged at 3000-3500 over those two days, ie 500-1000 over the top-end of my target range).

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