Eat a lot & lose weight ?!? An experiment

As I have outlined in my previous post, I was travelling over the weekend and I was eating reasonably strictly Primal Blueprint (or at least very low carb, but high protein, and even higher fat). Whilst I was not pigging out, I probably ate 50% or so more than I usually target to eat and had maybe 3000-3500 cals in average over the two days. So the question is: did I lose weight, or did I gain weight? Let’s do this the way any of those viewer-sucking, product-touting websites will do, the answer is after the jump 🙂

Glad you made it here – the answer is YES I DID LOSE WEIGHT and I have to say I am slightly surprised. I am the lowest weight now that I had since I started Paleo / Primal 10 days ago. Since then I lost 2.5 kg, out of about 100. Now many of the losses happened very early on in the process, and I don’t believe it was all fat, but rather glycogen stores going down. However the process has been reasonably smooth from then onwards, so I’d think that the more recent losses are fat.
Nothing more to add – apart from maybe that I have to admit that I am still not feeling overly energetic. It is quite weird actually: I am feeling a bit tired / weak if I am not doing much, and for example going up the stairs at home is marginally more difficult than usual. However, when I am exercising I feel much less of an impact. It is as if my engine takes a bit longer to get going, but once it is up there it is working as usual.


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