Thor critiques CrossFit – Vol 1: Introduction

CrossFit regularly posts in the journal contributions titled “A critiques B” where A is an expert, and B is a well regarded cross-fitter. Not that I claim to be an expert, but I thought I’d air my views anyway, hoping that they are of interest to the wider community. To put this in context – I am a big fan of the CrossFit principles, but I am not a CrossFitter in the sense that I have never done a WOD at a box – the reasons for which I will be clearer throughout this series. I have done however the odd seminar (eg on Olympic Lifting) at my local box and I have found that absolutely awesome. I also program my own WOD’s in the spirit of CrossFit.

I am not too sure where this series will go – it was really inspired by a couple of posts I recently read – but a couple of things that I feel I want to address over time are the following:

  • Does CrossFit have the right underlying values? (absolutely! IMnotHO)
  • Is CrossFit compatible with competition? (only with difficulties IMHO)
  • Is the implementation of CrossFit compatible with its underlying values? (so, so – yes for the creme de la creme, but probably not for the ordinary Joe IMHO)
  • Is CrossFit right for children (and for my daughter)? (absolutely, if done rightly. I am just not sure it is IMHO).

Now before I get flamed to death by the firebreathers: I believe CrossFit is awesome, and for the people it currently attracts it is the right thing to do. I however believe that CrossFit has so much more potential outside the realm of Elite Fitness narrowly defined, and I would love to the circles being drawn a bit wider, as it could be beneficial to so many more people. I also would stress that I have no experience with following WOD’s at a box – so if I am completely barking up the wrong tree and 80% of the members of your average box are not firebreathers but normal people who are (or want to become) fit and healthy then please let me know, and I’ll seriously reconsider. Be that how it may – I hope you do keep in mind that my critique is just as it is done in the various contributions to the CFJ – to make a great thing even better!

I probably will go through the above points – and any other that might arise – in the order in which they are presented as this really seems to be the most logical to me. I guess I start with the first post right away, but obviously it will only be up once it is done. Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Thor critiques CrossFit – Vol 1: Introduction

  1. Thor, thanks for the link. I am looking forward to where the series goes. Just to speak for my box, I’d say we actually are at least 80% normal people with only a handful I’d consider fire-breathers. That said, we also have a good number of endurance athletes, triathletes, Ironman guys. They are using CrossFit to supplement their training rather than as their primary program. Here’s a link to my box:
    Every gym is different though.

    Also, I have the sense that there is a tension here because CrossFit still has this counter-culture, indie feel. I think the more popular it gets, the more stratification you will see from people who want something that is more exclusively “theirs.”

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