Updated plan – more rest

Midway through my four week training plan I feel I have to make some adjustments – I need more rest and I will “take a week off” solely focussing on body maintenance (Kelly Starrett’s drills for example).To put this in context: I have been starting to get back in shape a bit more than a year ago, after more than a decade of not doing very much. I started out with loads of Pilates, then was doing some light weights on the Swiss Ball and some cable exercises, and then started going heavier on the weights, increasing my squat from 30kg to 120kg on 5×5. More recently I have added some CrossFit elements to the mix. The thing is: I have rarely spent a day without going to the gym and going hard, and somehow I feel it now. I accumulated a couple of minor injuries, especially a slight tendonitis in the elbow that I cant seem to shake even if going light on it (eg I haven’t deadlifted the entire year really).
So the decision now is to not do a anything heavy for at least one week – no barbells, no kettlebells, no bodyweight stuff, not even running. Once the week is over I will reassess.
In order not to get bored I will do the really tough stuff though: body maintenance. Really – I find it mentally easier to squat a 5x5RM then holding a painful stretch for the required time – funny, isn’t it? The plan is to catch up on Kelly’s Mobility Drills – like the rest of CrossFit they are awesome and horrible at the same time, and maybe doing some of the easier Verstegen Series…..


9 thoughts on “Updated plan – more rest

  1. Do you have an idea what is offending your elbow?

    If not I would recommend you give it some rest, eliminate all exercises that might be in some way related to your problem, and then re-introduce them 1 by 1. If the pain re-appears you have your culprit 😉

    Also I am surprised you stopped deadlifting – I would not suspect the deadlift unless you do not keep the arms straight. Rather I’d suspect Squats (my #1 guess), Curls, Chins, Dips, Bench Press or Cleans/Snatches (pulling with the arms or trying to slow the bar on the way down with bent arms)

    Get well soon!

  2. Thx. I believe it is related to grip strength, and I was doing quite a big load (for me that is) on exercises very taxing on my grip, notably deadlifts at 100kg+, and unsupported pull-ups which are thereabout.
    The reason why I believe that it is related to those is that the things that really hurt are all related to grip, eg shaking hands :-(.
    Interested on your point re squats: how would they be responsible?

    • (Back) Squats force your arms into an unnatural position. If I am not careful they f*ck with my right shoulder, and I can imagine getting elbow pain from squatting.

      I can’t remember where but I read a post recently about people commonly blaming the bench press for pains that are actually caused by the back squat, it just hurts more when benching.

      Now that I thought about it some more I changed my opinion though: unspecific elbow pain I’d suspect squatting. Tendinitis-like pain: not so much, chins or curls might be more likely.

  3. Yeah, might well have been also the chins / pull-ups. I was going at them forever but with 100kg+ bodyweight it was tough to get the necessary volume to grow. I finally got myself a heavy elastic, and then did 5×5 every other day, adding 1-2kg in weight per session. Maybe overdid it a bit. As i’ve said: no pulling / grip for at least a week and then I’ll reassess

  4. A lot of possibilities and remote diagnosis unfortunately won’t do you any good. For exxample I got my personal rule of thumb:
    – “normal pain” which is pain I can take is ignored most of the times. There might be a myriad of reasons and I am notwilling to go into depth for some minor issue.
    – “unknown pain”actually everyone knows what unknown pain is, when you feel it. You know something is dead wrong. For that I got a doctor specialized in sports. Since I am now so far ahead of my former self that I don’t want to risk whatI achieved by now.

    You also mentioned rest. The minimum is 3+1 meaning after 3 days of training you need a day rest (micro), after 3 weeks training you need 1 week rest (macro), after 3 months training you need 1 month rest (overall). Unfortunately “rest” doesn’t mean “rest” as most take it (eg. lay for a sleep). Instead it means lay those muscle groups to rest, which you trained so intensively. During rest you can make other sport or training units eg. more intense gymnastics or switch from power to endurance,… – point is to change type and intensity drastically.


    PS: apart from that I accept how sports works for you (your about section), yet you can’t compare one person with another. You’ll have to realize that people are different eg. in my example I always was into extremes, so my way works best for me right now. For how long you ask? I suggest you add a bet with me on it 🙂

  5. Thanks for your contribution!

    I believe triathletes are amazing at what they do – it is just if I was going for extremes (and I might at one point, when I know that I can safely do it) I would go for CrossFit as it provides more variation – and because working with heavy stuff rocks. I cant really describe, but squatting a weight that is close to your max is awesome, it is a full body and mind exercise. And you are done after 20 minutes….

    I wish you all the best and that you will be able to do that for a long time! And by the way – I dont doubt it. Statistically most people are able to I suppose – it is just that it is difficult predicting if you are in the other group. But then, you might get hit by a bus when crossing the road also….

    • “But then, you might get hit by a bus when crossing the road also….”

      That’s how I look at it. And luckily I now know from my doc that I am in the group of those who can do it (after I started it).

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