Updated plan: the plan is changed

When facts change I change my mind. What do you do?

— Lord Keynes

If you wonder why I have posted quite a few long’ish articles over the last week, but no WOD’s the answer is rather simple: I got myself quite an annoying bronchitis and therefore could not go to the gym (which is the bad part) and had too much time on my hands. This is not as bad how it seems: I made progress with my book, and in particular put the basic program it promotes into a presentation. It also seems that my tendonitis responded well to rest (knock on wood), even though funnily enough it got worse over the first few days.

This however has created havoc with my plan, even in the updated version. I dont think that a heavy VO2 max focus is advisable at the moment – I really want to give my respiratory system a bit more time to clear up. So my new four week plan will center on weight training. Of course there is a catch – my tendonitis. Dont want this one to flare up again, so no pulling movements either (not sure whether this includes kettlebells – but pull-ups & deads are certainly out at least for another week).

This really doesnt leave me with much, except squats and presses. I love squats though – I suppose that’ll be my focus, together with some presses (I prefer overhead to bench; maybe I can also get some Oly work in starting from the rack).

I’ll see how it goes – I probably take this week one day at a time before I decide which way to go. I am actually quite keen to try some of the things I found on TheoryToPractice, notably “25 for a bigger engine”, and the “Heavy-and-fast, for a ten second blast” training principles for bulking and max-strength respectively (both Chad Waterbury’s work, really). And I might be able to get a couple of Tabata’s in, just for good measure. Gotta do some CrossFitty stuff after all. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Updated plan: the plan is changed

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