Tendonitis – Community advice

I have asked over in Mark Sisson’s community what to do against my tendonitis (or tendinosis as the case may be), and I am posting a summary of the results here (thanks to all who have replied – you are stars!):

UPDATE: see this post for a pdf write-up

  • Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. And anti-inflammatories are your friends. Short term use is fine.
  • Try cissus, eating jelly works for me
  • Find a good acupuncturist – a combo of acupuncture and acupressure and massage
  • Got a cortisone injection and now I am pain free
  • Elbow issues tend to “flow” from the shoulder, so to speak, so mobility and postural alignment exercises focused on the shoulders are going to have the bigger payoff.
  • Ultimately it was my diet and not using my arm till it was better that worked. When I started primal all traces of the pain went away.
  • The standard treatment for tendonitis is heavy eccentric exercise. Since we’re talking arms, heavy is relative, probably 2-15kg, depending. Use your other arm to lift the weight, only do the negatives. Sets of 10, be tired by 10.
  • UPDATE: I found a blog post detailing this method, and a NYT article
  • I’m a big fan of stretching for tendontits no matter where it is in the body.  Wrist stretches
  • Active Release Therapy (ART)
  • The exercises in this video (eccentric work against weight, 5s cadence, 3×10-15; should work after a couple of days-weeks; seek and work through acceptable pain)
  • Deep tissue massage, trigger pointing and take a look at why it is happening in the first place
  • Using bands to put the arm in [band] traction from the shoulder to the wrist: I am putting a short band on my power rack’s J-hook and pull away after every deadlift/back/pull-up training session. Band traction video at elitefts
  • This video is for tennis players but its for the same pain (creating “space” in the shoulders using band traction; keep the arm straight & keep moving; stop on pain)

And now, the plan:

  • Do some band traction exercises (with my pullum bands)
  • Do some wrist stretches
  • Find a tennis ball and do some trigger point / deep tissue stuff (I ordered a book)
  • Do some eccentric exercises, probably against a band rather than with a bell (dont have weights at home, only in the gym; UPDATE: does not work well with bands…)
  • Heating / icing
  • I also bought a TheraBall (the one you can squeeze in your hand, not the big inflatable one; pretty expensive though – half the price of a heart rate monitor…) and will give that one a go

Will probably hold out for the cortisone, but might also try some cissus.


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