Time for a new plan

Alright, I am not back at 100% yet, but I am much better, so it is time for an updated training plan. UPDATE 15/Apr: REVIEW

There are two issue that I need to work around: firstly, there is my tendonitis, and I really need to beat it. It is almost three months that this is going on. So I am doing my little exercises in this respect, and we’ll see. For the record, here they are:

  • Eccentric loading of the affected areas (using light weights and my new Thera-Band Flexbar)
  • Stretching out the shoulders using a heavy duty elastic
  • Some deep tissue massage using a foam roller, or a ball

UPDATE: I have been seeing a physio on 31/March, and from then on I have done the specific tendonitis rehab stuff pretty much every day (“wrist curls”). It has significantly improved, but it is by no means gone yet

Secondly, I am still a bit beat down on the cardio side, so I need to take it slowly. I will do a couple of metcons, but I really want to make sure that I don’t overdo it on those.

UPDATE: Haven’t really done any metcons because of the issues I experienced with respect to palpitations

So the focus will be on the one hand on lifting (minus the pulling movements, ie no dead-lifts, no pull-ups, no rows etc until further notice) leaving as core lift my beloved squat and the presses (overhead rather than press).

I have a feeling that I want to lift PR’s only every 4-5 days to leave me some time for other stuff. What is this other stuff? Well, a number of things

  • Clearly some metcons, subject to the remarks above
  • Some mobility work (eg Kelly Starretts, also along the lines of Verstegen’s work)
  • Some kettlebell work (of the kind that does not affect my tendonitis)
  • Some bodyweight work, including the TRX
  • Some skill work, in particular handstand practice

UPDATE: Looking through the WOD’s, I see that I am rather short mobility work, both MWOD’s as well as my own series. I have not done metcons but this was for a reason. I have done a bit of kettlebell work, but I actually found that it was either metcon (swing) or did impact the tendonitis, so I did very little of it (mainly presses). I did very little bodyweight work, but I did a fair amount of handstand practice, albeit more on the strength side.

What I did do though was to improve my dips from 30kg support to 10kg support on 5×5, and I took my 3×8 bench from 50-65. It must be noted though that my 5x5PR from Jan is 72.5 so this was more of a catch-up. More importantly, I also improved (slightly) on the overhead press, where I PR’d at 45 strict military, and at 52.5 with some push

I do not really want to plan it our further than that. The core structure are the heavy lifts every 4-5 days, and in between I will put a variety of things playing around. Let’s see how it goes, and reconsider in about four weeks.


2 thoughts on “Time for a new plan

  1. I hope you won’t mind my unasked-for advice, but here is what I would do:

    Stop all exercising, dose up on NSAIDS and fish-oil to my eyeballs and wait for the inflammation to go away. Once I am off the pain meds I’d start something like Dan John’s “One Lift a Day” program[1], paying close attention if anything bothers the bad elbow.

    Cause I still think the squat is much more likely to cause this than the exercises you are black-listing, and you’ve had this for 3 months now

    [1] http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_one_lift_a_day_program

  2. Advice is always good, thx! I am a bit wary of NSAIDs as they reduce the inflammation but also the healing (according to Kelly Starrett somewhere on the CFJ). I second fish-oil. Keep forgetting to take it, but the goal is 3-6g of DHA/EPA per day. Thx for the link – I’ll check it out

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