Influencing hormones through training – Density Training


Gear for Density Training
I did end up buying the program because I was rather intrigued by the alleged possibility to influence specific hormone levels by the training method chosen. So today I did the first “density training” workout, which supposedly jacks up my testosterone levels.

See this post for a description of today’s workout.

After reading the program I decided that I won’t do it in full – I generally dont, for better or for worse. The reasoning here though was that (a) I found the program slightly too intense, it just does not have enough rest days mixed in, and (b) as it mixes all three training methods with equal weight it is rather difficult to check the claim that it does what it is meant to do, ie targeting a certain hormonal response.

So in my test-drive I decided to go for the “Density Training” segment which is meant to jack up testosterone levels, and the current plan is to do one of those workouts every 2 or 3 days. This morning was the first one, and I essentially used the “Density Training #1” workout from the program, with slight subs, mainly due to the material I had available.

This is a workout that has clearly been designed by a personal trainer. Firstly, on the admin side it would have really been helpful to have a caddy who brings you your equipment, and takes care of book and time-keeping. I of course did not have this luxury, and I first had to squirrel away a huge pile of equipment, and then make sure that I got the timings right and took the appropriate notes.

Secondly – and this is probably a more important point – this program goes through a huge number of exercises – 12 to be exact, only in this one workout. This might be OK if you have been training those in the past and are used to the mechanics of them, but otherwise it is rather tricky to do some of them at max speed whilst keeping perfect form. Clearly, something that will sort itself out over time if you do this repeatedly, but if you do the program as RX’d and then move on there are many exercises that you will only do once in your life…

But those technicalities aside, does it work? Of course, I don’t know yet, but the workout was rather good. It did have a nice rhythm to it, generally starting the circuits with something that really brought you to your VO2max using your big muscle groups, and then keeping you up there by exercising smaller muscles (meaning that cardio-wise this was almost a rest, but you were now training muscles to failure). I did need to extend some of the pauses (I simply could not face going with a 165+ heartrate into the next exercise), and at the end of the workout (which was about 30min) I felt pretty down & out, and good at the same time. Now that I had more than an hour to recover I am feeling really good actually.

So, my first impression: pretty good training stimulus and nice cadence and rhythm, but maybe it could be slightly re-programmed for someone who does not bring his own caddy to the gym.

To be continued….

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