“So you think you can squat?” – awesome series of videos on EliteFTS

Alright, you really gotta go to EliteFTS to watch those and get all the related content, but for your (and my) convenience I have embedded all the YouTube vids below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • 2:50 Keep your head high
  • 3:10 Seated safety bar good morning
  • 4:45 Rep ranges – 8-12x (or 45secs)
  • 5:30 targeting lumbar spine (good mornings, front squats, reverse hyper, back extensions)
  • 6:00 spinal decompression and reverse hypers – slow: 3s up / 3s down (no stretch reflex, just like in the squat)

Part 5

  • 0:15 using glute ham raise
  • 1:10 showing glute ham raise
  • 1:50 importance of abs – 200-400x per week
  • 2:30 functional abs training (standing upright)
  • 2:50 standing band crunch
  • 3:10 accessory exercises: max 3-4 exercises; one hard “balls to the wall”, eg seated good morning; then glute ham/hypers/abs more restorative; no more 1h-1:15h total workout
  • 3:50 summary

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