WordPress bloggers: please disable iPad theme

Wordpress iPad - Please disable mobile themeI am generally using an iPad to browse the web* and the recent introduction of the iPad theme just made this a sorry experience. Yes, there is an initial wow-factor when you can swipe and stuff, but do you really want all blogs on WordPress to look the same, bar the color and some pictures?

I mean, you probably put some effort into your widgets, your sidebar, your menu’s, your sticky posts, your frontpage even – all gone! And as a reader I can not even opt out to see your blog in the way it was intended to be seen.

UPDATE: As Sam pointed out in his article (link to be added when I have a computer – too complicated on the iOS app) there are a few more things wrong with the theme. For example, copying from a blog post or page is not possible.

Wordpress iPad - Please disable mobile themeSo my request for you: unless you have looked at the iPad theme and you feel that this is how your blog should look like and operate, please, please, please, uncheck the box, at least until the iPad theme is an opt-out (or even better opt-in) for the reader. UPDATE: it seems that now (12/Apr) the theme is opt-out, so I guess if you like the look, and you dont mind that your site looks like every other WordPress site, or you simply want to leave reader the choice, there is no longer a need to disable this theme.

*I still use a computer to write most of my blogs because the iOS app does not really work well (and the website not at all for that matter), but this is a different topic

Just in case you wonder why this is here – no particular reason really, I just thought that this is actually a cool new feature and I wanted to try it out. Of course, if you agree with me (and you are logged into twitter) you can just click on retweet and ask all your followers to disable their iPad themes as well

5 thoughts on “WordPress bloggers: please disable iPad theme

    • If you don’t have an iPad you can use Safari, enable the developer menu, and from there have it pretend it is an iPad…

      You can of course also drop by an Apple store and check the site out on an iPad2 – but be careful not to take money or cards, it is such a gorgeous toy that you are almost guaranteed to leave with one 🙂

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