Bill Starr on Deadlifts

Some of my notes on Bill Starr’s article


  • Use straps (selfmade, from 60cm seatbelts)
  • Hips should be very low except for very advance lifters (lower-back strength)
  • Keep your back flat all the time (unless you are a very advanced lifter)
  • Frontal deltoids are slightly out in front of the bar
  • Hips and bar travel upwards at exactly the same speed
  • Pull shoulder blades together and keep them locked
  • Dont pull the bar up, push your feet down
  • Pull constantly through the mid-point, dont use momentum; use your traps from mid-shin (shrug shoulders)

Sumo Deadlift

  • Wide stance (maybe 1m apart)
  • Feet parallel / straight ahead

(Almost) Straight-Legged Deadlift

  • Keep knees (slightly) bent, keep this position throughout
  • Bar close to the legs
  • Higher reps (8-10x) for lumbar movements
  • High-hang start preferred

25lb Plate Deadlift

  • Use 25lb plates, so that the bar starts closer to the floor
  • Keep hips very low

Halting Deadlift

  • Raise the bar from the floor to mid-shin, stop 2 secs, and lower it again

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