Merrell “True Glove” barefoot shoes – a week in

Merrell True Glove Barefoot ShoeThat’s about a week that I have my Merrell “True Glove” barefoot shoes, and yesterday was the first day that I was actually wearing them for an extended period of time. So here my impressions


  • They can be worn in polite company (eg on the school run), which can not necessarily be said of the Vibram “Gorilla Paw” Five Fingers
  • After a week they are pretty comfortable all around, including the heels
  • The sole’s are very nice, and they give a pretty good feeling for the ground (in particular there is a good torsion between the front and the back of the foot)


  • They have a pretty tight lacing system. It does keep your foot rather snugly, but it means that you might have to get up five minutes earlier in the morning if you want to wear them
  • Took me a while to break the shoes (my feet?) in – I was very worried about blisters at my heels because the shoes were rubbing there, but this seems to be gone
  • Contrary to the VFF’s the toes are not separated which might make the Gorilla Paws even more barefoot than the Merrell’s


A great allround shoe that can be worn every day, all day, and at every occasion where casual shoes are appropriate. In fact, the look is such that it might even pass a no-trainers policy – I would probably not combine them with a suit though.

As for the pure barefoot experience, the Gorilla Paws might rank slightly higher due to their toe separation, but this has of course to be weighed against the awkwardness of wearing those shoes in a social setting.

2 thoughts on “Merrell “True Glove” barefoot shoes – a week in

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