The April training plan

About a month after the last plan, after I have hopefully sorted out my issues with low-carb eating, here a new training plan.

In the last few weeks I was pretty heavy on dips & presses (bench & overhead). I did by no means max those out yet. In particular on the bench I probably just touched the point where easy progress is no longer possible (on overheads this was somehow always the case – dont know why).

The format worked well, so on bench press I will remain on a 3×8 as long as I can. If I fail to progress there session by session, I might switch to a 5×5 protocol and see what this does. On overhead presses I will also continue a dual track of strict military, and push press with an emphasis on negatives. On those one’s and 8×3 protocol seems to suit me better – I tend to fall off a cliff after the 3rd or 4th rep. Which might be something to address separately – but this is probably more high-rep kettlebell work that I can do in the garden.

I am thinking that I might have to move overhead and bench press to a different day now that I am closer to my actual max on those. This gives me a basic rhythm of bench-other-overhead-rest-repeat if I want to follow a 3-on/1-off style. On the pressing days I should also do my dips – it remains to be seen whether I can do them in between as well as I could thus far. I could also do the odd squat and deadlift (tendonitis permitting) on the pressing days.

On the “other” day I should usually do a heavy metcon, albeit after building up slowly to ensure I am alright with them. I might also do some lighter metcon’s on the lifting days (after the lifting), or maybe some core stability work.

I should continue grooving my handstand holds, as well as one-legged squats (to the box), but those do not necessarily need to happen in the gym. And of course, I should be more diligent in getting an MWOD in. And of course, I need to do my tendonitis and prehab work.


4 thoughts on “The April training plan

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    • Mixed bag. I have to say, I was eating reasonably well beforehand already (Zone’ish type) so the main difference is that I dont eat oats for breakfast anymore, and no more rye bread, but more eggs, more dairy, and more fat in general. What I believe gets me though is the low-carb eating. I mean, the upside is that I probably ate much more calories than on the Zone, but nevertheless kept my weight (and I might have even lost some fat / built muscle). But the downside is that I just dont feel well with it. I started eating potatoes and rice and gotta see how it goes….

  2. It’s all about individual best fit. I’ve been doing fairly low-carb for a while so even if I have a VLC day I don’t feel worse for it, but if you’ve tried VLC for more than a week or so and have gotten these heart palpitations you wrote about earlier then maybe it isn’t the best fit. Besides, if you’re not looking for ridiculously quick results then VLC is kind of overkill, anyway. Keep us posted!

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