Personal Records – 29/Apr 2011

PRHere a non-exhaustive list of my personal records. I will maintain it on this static page, and I will post copies into my blog every month or so to see the progress (or lack thereof…).

Just a (bi-)weekly stocktake. Emphasis areas in red

Strength PR’s

Mainly single, weighted low-rep exercises, executed without a significant time component. Also some single effort exercises that are more geared towards strength endurance and where timing is important (eg kettlebell & bodyweight exercises)

Backsquat, parallel, 5×5 125kg 02/Apr
Backsquat, low (4-box), 5×5 100kg 29/Jan
Front Squat tbc
Overhead Squat 2×5 40kg 28/Apr
Regular Deadlifts, 1×5 115kg 09/Jan
Normal grip, 5×5 70kg 25/Apr
Normal grip, 5×10 40kg 27/Apr
Normal grip, 3×8 65kg 14/Apr
Barbell military, 3×3 47.5kg 17/Apr
Barbell military, 3×10 30kg 27/Apr
Barbell push press, 3×3 52.5kg 11/Apr
Military Press, 20kg tbc
Push Press 20kg, 5min 50x 22/Apr
Snatch test, 20kg, 10min tbc
Turkish Get-Ups, 20kg tbc
Dips, 5×5 BW-6kg 27/Apr
Dips, 10min tbc
Pull-ups, narrow grip, 5×5 BW-10kg 21/Feb
Pull-ups, wide grip, 5×5 tbc
Pull-ups, 50x tbc
Push-ups, 50x 5:50 22/Apr
Handstand hold (wall) 3x60s 24/Apr
Box jumps, 1×10 79cm (13 seg’s) 15/Apr

BW = Body Weight

Metcon PR’s

Single efforts, compound movements, and circuits, executed for endurance and/or strength endurance. Both time and weights (where appropriate) are key components

5000m, treadmill 35:56 17/Feb
3x800m, treadmill 4:23 avg 11/Feb
6x400m, treadmill 2:05 avg 9/Feb
tbc tbc
tbc tbc

Rehab/Prehab PR’s

Obviously not meaningful PR’s in the strict sense of the word, but worth remembering nevertheless what loads I used on the various exercises.

Wrist curls 3×15/2:30@5kg 26/Apr
Front flies 2×10@5kg 26/Apr
Cross flies 2×15@5kg 26/Apr
French doors 2×10@5kg 26/Apr
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