The May training plan

I have decided that I need a rest, so I will be focussing for about a month on stretching and other mobility work (it already hurts if I only think about it…)

Looking back through my training logs (including those before I started putting them on the web) I have found that I have not really had more than a week off (in the sense that I would not do either heavy lifting, or heavy metcon, or both) for the last 9 months. Also, my squat increased from 40kg (and I remember how tough the first one was – I thought I’d die on the spot) to about 125kg now, so I suppose I put my body through a fair amount of stress.

Given that I am not in my twenties anymore (not even in my thirties for that matter) it seems that this might have been a bit too much, and I have felt it through an accumulation of smaller (and some not so small) injuries. So now the executive decision: one week of holidays – no lifting, no metcons.

What I am intending to do a lot though is stretching and other mobility work – this somehow always fell off, so I guess now is the opportunity to do something about it…

Focus areas here will be hamstrings, hips, posterior chain more in general, as well as strength and flexibility in the shoulders. And I really want to be able to do the Paleo Chair properly.


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