Hip people dont buy the iPad 2

iPadHip people dont buy the iPad 2! Why?

Simple – because instead of saying things like

  • Yeah, but it is really just a big iPhone…
  • Yeah, it is good for consuming content but not for producing content, and that is what I need a computer for most of the time

They said: I GOTTA GO AND GET AN IPAD – and they got themselves the iPad 1.

And of course when the iPad 2 come out they quickly saw that it is really not much better.

  • It is thinner. Nice.
  • It has a fancy cover. Nice.
  • It is faster. Is it? Yeah, probably, a bit.
  • It has a camera. Nice, so has my iPhone and my iTouch.
  • It has a bigger / higher resolution screen. Ahem, no.
  • It has more RAM. Ahem, probably not. But Apple is rather quiet about the (lack of…) RAM in the iPad, so noone knows for sure  (that’s the real problem for the iPad by the way – the limited RAM; just saying…)

So we just hang in there for the awesomeness that will be the iPad 3, hopefully…


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