The June Training Plan

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Beginning of May I decided that I needed a rest and that I’d take it slow for a while – just focussing on mobility. Well, this rest is over, so here is the new plan.

Back to strength work – especially as I do not know how much longer I will have access to a proper squat rack (we are planning to move away for a while, and I could not convince my wife to make the move contingent on there being a good gym next to our new place…). So the following focus areas

  • Main focus are deadlifts. I will probably do them high-rep (x8) in order to keep the weights down so that the tendonitis does not flare up again
  • I will also work on squats. Not sure yet if I want to increase my 5×5 PR of 125kg (or 3×5 PR as the case may be) or whether I want to work on slightly higher reps. Probably the latter – have never really done higher reps, and there is a cliff between x5 and x8 that I want to explore
  • Further I will continue on dips. Prior to the break my 5×5 PR was close to bodyweight flat and  I certainly want to bring this at least to flat. Also there should not be a particular issue working those – not particular injuries at least. I might alternate those with overhead presses (no benchstill can’t wear my wedding ring – but rather fancy push-up variations) and some handstand work.
  • I also want to work on my pull-ups. Those are of course a bit tricky: 5×5 PR here was BW-10kg back in February, but of course those are rather heavy on the tendons. Need to see whether I will go wide grip, or high rep, or whether my tendons will indeed play ball
  • I will also throw in or the other metcon, maybe based on barefoot (Vibram) running, but this will not be key.
  • On of course pre-hab – more tendonitis work, mobility work, Thor’s Mobility Series, and Yoga.

As for the specific programming, this will probably be along the following principles

  • Upper body (dips, pull-ups, presses) and lower-body (squats, deadlifts) split
  • Minimum recovery period between lower body workouts 2days, and upper body workouts and tendonitis rehabs 1 day
  • Minimum recovery for grip 1 day (eg no pull-ups the day after deadlifts)
  • One complete rest day after 3, max 4, workout days (mobility work is allowed on rest days)

Review of the old plan:

What I am intending to do a lot though is stretching and other mobility work – this somehow always fell off, so I guess now is the opportunity to do something about it…

Focus areas here will be hamstringshipsposterior chain more in general, as well as strength and flexibility in theshoulders. And I really want to be able to do the Paleo Chair properly.

I certainly did a lot of mobility work, and it was painful. I am not sure yet how beneficial it was. Certainly in terms of recovery things went well: Tendonitis is (almost) gone, and also the pain in the hip (when getting up from a squat) is gone – probably overused those muscles for a while when squatting deeply. In terms of flexibility – I am no Yogi yet, but I believe that I have a bit more slack around the hammies. Also – doing the sun salutation repeatedly was actually pretty good – it not only gets more fluid, but I also get more reach.


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