FT webapp for offline reading requires permanent Internet connection

This must be the duh of the day – or even the year. (UPDATE: this seems to be not a feature, but indeed a bug…)

The Financial Times just released their new webapp (maybe because on their excellent iPad app they have to share revenues with Apple?). Now admittedly, everything new has teething problems, but not to this extent. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the app is to read the FT offline (which in my book means “in places where you dont have Internet”, eg in the subway on the way to work or in a plane etc, otherwise you might as well use their website.

So launched the app, it took a while to download everything, and then I quit. Then I switched Internet off, launched the app again – and got the message that it would not launch because my iPad is not connected to the Internet. Duh. Arent those people doing any testing? I mean, we are nowadays used to getting beta versions for everything, but this is pre-alpha.

UPDATE: OK, lets give them the benefit of the doubt – HTML5 is complicated. After a number of steps worthy of a windows system in the late 90’s (clear cache / re-boot / remove databases & clear cache again / re-boot) it seems to work…


4 thoughts on “FT webapp for offline reading requires permanent Internet connection

    • Got mine sorted now: reboot; clear cache, cookies, remove FT databases (in the safari settings; might only show up after reboot); reboot again. Like in good old Windows times…

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