I finally bought Convict Conditioning!

after Fit-Zaang and grmble were raving about it, I was glad to finally find it for the Kindle…

Push-Ups Squats Pull-Ups Leg-raises Bridges HSPU’s
1 Wall PU Shoulderstand S Vertical pulls Knee tucks Short B Wall Head S
2 Incline PU Jackknife S Horizontal pulls Flat knee R Straight B Crow S
3 Kneeling PU Supported S Jackknife pulls Flat bent LR Angled B Wall HS
4 Half PU Half S Half Flat frog raises Head B Half HSPU
5 Full PU Full S Full Flat straight Half B HSPU
6 Close PU Close S Close Hanging knee R Full B Close HSPU
7 Uneven PU Uneven S Uneven Hanging bent LR Wall walking B dwn Uneven HSPU
8 Half one-arm PU Half one-leg S Half one-arm Hanging frog R Wall walking B up Half one-arm HSPU
9 Lever PU Assisted one-leg S Assisted one-arm Partial straight LR Closing B Lever HSPU
10 One-arm PU One-leg S One-arm Hanging straight LR Stand 2 stand B One-arm HSPU

4 thoughts on “I finally bought Convict Conditioning!

    • Will do! Already added the progress grid to my PR page in the notes section. So now I guess I’ll start from the bottom and see how it goes.

      It is great to have progressions for the bodyweight stuff – that’s what makes weight training achievable (and injury-free, hopefully)

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