I like Goblet Squats

Avid readers will know that in the last days I started some double kettlebell work, mainly because I felt I needed to change my routine a bit and to work some new angles. I stumbled across a movement that I had done before but that I somehow did not appreciate at its full splendour at the time: the goblet squat

What is a goblet squat you might ask? Well, in strict form you hold a dumbbell on your chest when you squat, so it really is pretty much a front-squat, minus the awkward arm position (but plus another awkward arm position when you hold the “goblet”). In came kettlebells: what I also want to call a goblet squat is a squat with 2 kettlebells in a rack position, ie after having been cleaned to should level.

What is different? Not much – except that the arm position is very comfortable, so you can concentrate on the rest. So it really is a very comfortable front squat. A couple of advantages:

  • The back remains upright, which is a nice natural position and arguably also better to load than the angled back in a back squat (of course, you probably wouldnt goblet-squat 200kg, so the latter is a bit of a moot point)
  • The upright position gives some slack to the hammies, so it is easier to go ass-to-grass on the squat
  • The additional loading (as compared to an airsquat) makes it easier to go down, and to balance when being down. The comfortable rack position makes it possible to “rest” a while in the “Paleo seat” bottom position, improving flexibility for all kinds of squats

So, in summary, a great assistance exercise!

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