France (Telecom) in August sucks – a case study

As avid readers of this blog might know, I moved with my family to France for a year to do some research project at my old university. As avid readers also might know, I have not posted on this blog for a couple of weeks. If you’d think this was because of holidays, then you’d be forgiven (but wrong nevertheless). The reason why I did not post is three simple words

  • France
  • Telecom
  • August

Now for my international readers less acquainted with the quirks of European culture, it is well known that nothing happens in France in August, as everyone is on holidays (generally in France by the way, just in average a few hundred miles more towards the south). I though this is a bit of an overstatement, but I had to painfully learn that this is indeed true.

The house in which we are staying is in the countryside, albeit about 15min by car (or 30min by bike) from a decent sized town. Infrastructure is from the 50’s, so phone lines (and electricity lines) are generally overland. Did I mention there were loads of trees? No? There are loads of trees, and the occasional wind. The combination tree + wind + overland phone line is obviously rather risky, and end of July the unavoidable happened: a tree fell into the phone line. No phone in the house, and no Internet.

I arrive here 10/Aug, so about two weeks after the incident. Guess what? It hadn’t been fixed. Explanation? None (the August thing is self-evident for every French person so no need to explain). To cut a long story short, I was without fixed line phone, without Internet (and hence without email and Skype) until yesterday when finally a repair truck appeared, replace the broken bit of the cable, and that was it….

I am finally back on the grid (I gotta say though, life without Internet has its advantages – you get so much more done…).

As for my WOD’s, I have a great set-up here at home, albeit no gym which is an issue for me. I am more a go-to-the-gym-to-workout guy. At home I dont have the patience so push myself hard. Anyway, this is the topic for another post. Stay tuned!



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