Me, Myself & Dan John (“Never Let Go”) – Take aways for my training

Those are the first take-aways for my own personal training program after reviewing my notes from reading Dan John’s book “Never Let Go” (here and here)

Do some carries (& lunges)

I have never thought of carries as real exercises. Dan seems to like them, and I suppose if he likes them I should at least try them for a while. So, until further notice, the carries will be added to my roster if and when suitable. My impression is also that the only reason why Dan does not like lunge-style carries is because they look to Jane Fonda’ish – I dont care. I’ll try them as well. So, the following options overall

  • Regular or lunge carry
  • One arm or two-arm
  • Suitcase, rack, or overhead position
  • Kettlebell, stone, or log (that’s all I have got)

Do asymmetric stuff systematically

The idea is to do everything from The BIG List systematically with one hand also. Here is TBL with some one-hand ideas

  1. Horizontal Push: one-arm (or asymmetric) bench press, one-arm push-ups (later), asymmetric push-ups (eg hands at different levels, one leg up, …)
  2. Horizontal Pull: one arm (or asymmetric) TRX or ring rows
  3. Vertical Push: one-arm (or asymmetric) hindu push-ups, kettlebell press/push-press/jerk
  4. Vertical Pull: one-arm (or asymmetric) TRX or ring pulls (…with some support of course…)
  5. Explosive Full Body (swing, snatch, clean, jerk): regular single kettlebell work, incl one-arm swing
  6. Squat’ish: goblet-ish squat with single kettlebell in rack position, asymmetric squat (feet position)
  7. Posterior chain: dumbbell or kettlebell one-arm deadlift or good morning
  8. Anterior chain: to be seen
  9. Rotational/torque: to be seen

Do a “complete” warm-up every time

That’s TBL, again. Here some ideas to incorporate into the warm-up, to be played with.

  1. Horizontal Push: push-up variations
  2. Horizontal Pull: TRX / ring rows
  3. Vertical Push: hindu push-ups, kettlebell
  4. Vertical Pull: TRX/rings
  5. Explosive Full Body (swing, snatch, clean, jerk): kettlebell, maybe stone or log
  6. Squat’ish: goblet & overhead style
  7. Posterior chain: stone deadlift; good morning variation
  8. Anterior chain: plank, TRX pendulum / frog, sit-up, leg-raise
  9. Rotational/torque: windmill, Russian twist

Do push-ups

I am simply too lazy with those. Know I should do them, but in the gym I have more important stuff to do, and at home, well, at home. So here is the plan:

  • Today I start with a total of 50 push-ups every day, throughout the day; set-length and distribution a volonte – I can do 1 every half hour, or 50 at 23:59, or anything in between. Does not matter
  • Every day I add 5 reps until I get to 100. Then I review (more reps? different style?)

Get a slosh pipe

Slosh pipe is soooo cool. Need to build one. Hope the winter does not get too cold – may I should put some antifreeze in (my tools stay outside the house…).

Will probably start with a 10kg model. This would be 2m, 3/4 full, and 10cm diameter.

3 thoughts on “Me, Myself & Dan John (“Never Let Go”) – Take aways for my training

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  3. When I read this blog I become smarter. You really have an amazing way of thinking about things. I really do appreciate these points you have made here but I kind of doubt any can be used to the real world. You really cleared this up for me. Where in the world did you even learn this information?

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