CriticalMAS’ bodyweight HIT workout

CriticalMAS has a great example of an outdoor HIT workout

  • Push-ups at a normal pace until the movement is difficult and begins to lose fluidity. At that point, I lower my body into a static hold where maximum tension is placed upon the chest. Then I hold. At this point breathing will go from normal to rapid. Once total failure is achieved, I lower my knees and end the exercise.
  • Pull-ups until the movement gets too difficult or jerky. At that point go to the top and lower into a position where maximum back muscles are engaged. Now I hold until total failure is achieved. Then I lower myself down.
  • Using a 25# kettlebell, I do as many goblet squats as I can until movement gets choppy, at that point I lower myself into a static hold until failure is achieved. Once failure comes, I’ll pull the kettlebell close and then lower it to the ground. Note that you don’t need a kettlebell for this exercise. Straight body weight should be fine.
  • For shoulders, triceps and biceps I did a few movements just using kettlebell static holds. This is optional.

I dont really subscribe to the HIT philosophy – I believe that some more reps and some higher training frequencies are better. Having said this – I have never tried this, and there are many ways to skin a cat. It is certainly something to have in one’s repertoire, especially if time is short.


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