WOD’s The Plan – Convict Conditioning

WOD The Plan

Haven’t done a plan for a while. Don’t stick to them anyway, for better or for worse. Anyway – here is another one. At least it helps me thinking about what I want to do

First the goal: I have been wanting to work on upper body strength (and mass) for a while, and indeed I have started this when I moved here to France, in the sense that I was doing a lot of kettlebell work, and in particular overhead work and presses. I want to make this a bit more emphasised now, but given the constraints of my gym.

A second constraint is that my hamstrings are not on a great condition – I hurt one when sprinting way back, and somehow it did not get better. It is not really bad – so this is why I could ignore it – but I dont want it to get chronic. So less hammie focus (hence less kettlebells, and in particular less snatches and swings). Also I have been ripping my hands open lately, and I dont like this (…I know in the CF community this is a badge of honor, but well…).

The third constraint is my elbow tendon’s that I hurt lifting, trying pull-ups, and stacking wood with one hand (!!!). Gotta see how this will go – might put yet another constraint on the pull-ups

So what is it gonna be? ConCon of course! Haven’t been doing this for a while, and want to see whether it is indeed a nice progression. Not gonna do all of ConCon though, my focus will be

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Bridges
  • Leg raises

Why? Well, squats I have been doing loads, and I prefer to do them barbelled. Might do some stone-goblet squats on the way though. And HSPU’s? Firstly, I dont have mats. Secondly, I will continue to press KB’s. So only some of those. Last but not least – a focus on more than four exercises will just not allow me to really advance in any of them in my experience.

Today I was doing a little session to see where I fit into the progression scheme. The result was the following (based on what I can do, not progression standard – see below)

  • Pull-ups #3 (jackknife)
  • Push-ups #5 (full)
  • Bridges #2 (straight)
  • Leg raises #3 (flat bent)

However, checking on my ConCon PR page, I could see that my progression in those is lower than that. I know I have to go through the progression standards, so I’ll start with

  • Pull-ups #2 (horizontal) – 2×15/3×20
  • Push-ups #3 (kneeling) – 2×15/3×30, and #4 (half) – 2×12/2×25
  • Bridges #1 (short) – 2×25/3×50
  • Leg raises #1 (knee tucks) – 2×25/3×40, and #2 (flat knee) – 2×20/3×35

As before I will allow myself to move on at intermediate standard (the first set x rep given), and to drop the exercise at progression standard (meaning that for a period of time I will do two progressions at the same time).

Apart from that I’ll keep it mellow, so I’ll mix in some

  • Kettlebell carries
  • Turkish get-ups
  • Kettlebell presses
  • Goblet squats

UPDATE: throwing in some snatches instead

Current plan is to do this until xmas.

UPDATE: here the exercise specs for ConCon (sets x reps for intermediate/progression)

  • Bridges #1 (short) – 2×25/3×50
  • Bridges #2 (straight) – 2×20/3×40
  • Leg raises #1 (knee tucks) – 2×25/3×40
  • Leg raises #2 (flat knee) – 2×20/3×35
  • Pull-ups #2 (horizontal) – 2×15/3×20
  • Pull-ups #3 (jackknife) – 2×15/3×20
  • Push-ups #3 (kneeling) – 2×15/3×30
  • Push-ups #4 (half) – 2×12/2×25
  • Squats #2 (jackknife) – 2×20/3×40
  • Squats #3 (supported) – 2×15/3×30
  • Squats #4 (half) – 2×35/2×50

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