LeanGains / Intermittent Fasting (“IF”) – 12 days in

Another IF experience post. A recap, I started the whole thing Monday a week ago, and I had written an early post on this experience here.

The one thing that I could not address in that post was the weight-loss, (a) because it was too early, and (b) because my scales were not working anyway. After almost 2 weeks I can gladly report that it seems to be working rather well – I have lost 2kg (…2.2kg to be precise, but of course this is fluctuating…) since I started weighing myself. And, as a reminder, I only started weighing myself a couple of days in, so this should be real weight loss, not water/glycogen related.

As for the performance issues that I had initially reported – I believe they have somewhat subsided. It might be a bit early to tell though, as for a number of reasons I haven’t done any tough workouts lately.

The longer I do that, the more I believe that this is the “right” diet for me, as it is almost effortless. As I had written in detail before, the binary decision – you eat / you don’t eat – is easier for me than the one where I continuously control my food intake. In fact, both states are quite pleasant: when I am hungry I am only slightly so, and this actually feels good. When I have eaten I feel that I have eaten a lot (and I might have, 800-1000cals maybe) and this feels nice as well. Funnily enough the worst part is about 1h after I stopped eating – consistently I “want” to eat something there, and I have this full-but-hungry feeling. It is difficult to describe, but if you have ever stuffed yourself with Sushi – this is a bit what it feels like: no space in the stomach left, but nevertheless hungry.

I dont have much more to report than that – the interesting question is how long weight loss will continue at this pace (1kg/week is generally my target – that seems healthy) and whether body composition is negatively affected. I do have one of those TANITA scales that measures BF%, but results with that one are all over the place in the short run and you really have to look at the longer term trend.

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