Mariage Freres Tea Favorites

Haven’t been blogging for a while (…and exercising for that matter..) due to Christmas, the weather, and repeated trips to Paris (off again in a few hours for the new year). I have been buying a couple of teas from Mariage Freres lately. They have 100’s of teas though, and to remind myself which one’s I like I thought I keep a list. And why not keeping it on my blog

  • Rouge Bourbon Vanille: “red roiboos” that is “flavored with Bourbon Vanilla” – this tea is the reason I went to Mariage Freres in the first place – I had bought one 10 years ago in France and could not find it – nice tea, but I am now more into green teas (and this one really goes well with a bit of sugar, which I generally avoid)
  • The a l’Opera: a green tea with “red berries” and “precious spices” – awesome! Very green, and slightly fruity
  • Pharaon: “green Indian tea” with “essences of fruit from the Nile delta” – also very nice; more fruity than the Opera
  • Yunnan Imperial: “one of Yunnan’s most reputable teas” and “a truly grand breakfast tea” – agreed. Very nice black tea.
  • Wedding Imperial: the “malty power of golden Assam” and the “sweetness of notes of chocolate and caramel”. Smells wonderful. Taste is not quite my thing though, but my parents liked it very much. Merry Christmas
  • Ruschka, Russian Breakfast, Earl Grey French Blue: various Earl Grey’ish teas – havent sampled them yet

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