If you have followed my new Thor Falk’s Reading List blog then you know that I have recently had interest in Kombucha.

Now I will not bore you into explaining what it is – I am not really an expert given that I only now have consumed my first batch that I have started about two weeks ago. Here really just some random comments on my (limited) experience so far.

  • Making my own scoby works rather well – I simply got started buying two bottles of Kombucha in a health store in Paris, mixing those 1:1 with cold tea (green gun powder seemed to work well) and some sugar (10 table spoons for 1l) and keeping them in the warm for a while
  • Patience is a virtue – it takes almost a week until there is some kind of skin (the scoby) on top. Once the skin was there I drank a bit (was very sour and vinegary) and used he remainder to grow new scoby’s
  • I could not find big jar’s – I am using 1.5l Weck glasses instead; they are quite nice – no need to cover with a towel (just close the lid, without the seal), and it is possible to seal them in order to get the pressure up (havent had too much fizz yet though)
  • I own six jars, five of them having scobys (just split one, so that I have six of them); this gives me (a) a continuous flow, (b) variety, and (c) some insurance against a scoby-nuclear-disaster
  • I am using a double fermentation technique – add some sugar & spices at the end and let it ferment for another day or so (so far only did ginger and sugar – yum!). Double fermentation is definitely a winner!
  • The continuous flow technique is rather easy with those glasses – the scoby stays in place, and tea is poured out or in. No need for a fancy dispenser (which, in the UK, is at least £100 – and it is 10 liter)

Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Kombucha

  1. I blame you for my freshly discovered Kombucha obsession … however it is supposed to be healthy and detoxifying, so the missus is indulging me 😉

    Regarding your Weck-glass with lid method … I have not found much in this direction, but I was under the impression that the bacteria do need some oxygen, so I think I’ll stay with the paper or towel cover in my attempts. Which will be soonish – I don’t want to wait for the move

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  3. Thanks for the info on how to make my own scoby. I had no idea that’s possible! Just a tip, the reason you aren’t getting much fizz might be because you are putting the lids on the jars. The culture fermenting in the tea needs air during the process. You can use a towel, cheesecloth, or coffee filter to cover the jars, and just hold them in place with a rubber band. Although I haven’t yet experimented with flavouring, I’m about to start! I want to make berry juice out of fresh berries this summer and use that 🙂 Check out my own method for preparing kombucha & let me know what you think! http://juliedupuis-naturalnomad.com/green-niackery/kombucha-101-benefits-and-preparation. Cheers!

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