Tendonitis update – and a trick

Just can’t seem to be able to shake my tendonitis – playing tennis and carrying fire-wood does not help. In the last few days however I made some progress, the reason being – I believe – that I have found a new trick. Here it is:

As you might remember, the protocol I was given by my physio for dealing with tendonitis was wrist-curls of small dumb-bells (2kg-10kg, roughly 1kg more per week) with a focus on slow eccentrics. I do not have dumbbells at the moment, so I could not do that.

Recently I had an epiphany: you don’t really need weights, you can just create torque with the other hand (drumroll). So this is what I am doing: take a stick with both hands, and turn it, with a focus on the eccentric movement of the tendon in question. How strong? Well, increasingly strong (it is worth to get a feel for the exercise with dumbbells first). Seems to be working a charm


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