Sparkling Kombucha Update

I havent had Kombucha in a while for a number of reasons, and yesterday was the first time I tried my recent batches. I had been creative, filling 0.2l Perrier bottles with Kombucha + X, X being grape juice, apple juice, ginger, mandarines, orange juice, … – you get the picture.

When I opened those bottles I was surprised – this was a real fizzy drink that had developed in those little bottles, without fail. Interestingly enough, at the same time I filled a wine bottle and put some kind of cork on top – zero fizz. Now the wine bottle was in the cellar at +10C, whilst the Perriers where on the shelves where it gets up to +35C (….wood oven….) so I blame it on the temperature.

Anyway – I really love this fizzy Kombucha – second fermentation rocks. As to which one’s exactly – all are pretty good, but I’d say red grape juice is the best!


2 thoughts on “Sparkling Kombucha Update

    • If it is juice maybe 1/5-1/10th, also depending how sweet it still is. If I put fruit or ginger I might add some sugar. Dont have consistent results yet though…

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