GTG Pull-Ups Update

WOD The Plan
Over the last few weeks I have concentrated on one thing – and one thing only – pull-ups

There are two reasons for it: firstly I really could not face doing kettlebells (or, heaven forbid, floor based exercsises) outside at -15C, and secondly, whenever I attempted pull-ups in the past whilst doing something else I got sidetracked, typically by injury (…tendonitis…)

The Pull-Up Tree

Anyway – I am pretty happy now. For about a week I get as high as I can on my pull-up tree. Which is not a full rep I have to add – if you look at the tree in the picture you see that for regular grip pull ups a branch is in the way, and parallel grip pull-ups are similarly contraint.

Pull-Up Ridge

So a new training focus:

  1. Top-range on the tree – this is essentially AMRAP on the top, with some holds; the dead-hang start is not a problem, but it takes too much juice out of the movement on the top
  2. Ring pull-ups: gotta nice set of rings, shall use them
  3. Ridge pull-ups: there is this nice ridge on our veranda. It is funny how the fact that I dont have a grip there changes everything; only get up halfway. A good place to train then



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