WOD’s the plan – Five-a-day for 21days

WOD The PlanThat’s the finalised program, starting tomorrow 7/March, until 19/March (I am travelling then): Pull-ups, KB swings, Goblet squats, KB military press, TGU.

  1. Pull-up (variations) – 2×3 (+GTG)
  2. Kettlebell swings – 1×20-50
  3. Goblet squat – 2×5-10
  4. Military press – 2×5-10
  5. TGU – 5 each

In the warm-up

  • Deadlift (KB, stone)
  • Loaded carry
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Living in France with wife and 5 year old daughter. When not doing something else, writing, blogging, and tweeting on training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

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