Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – ten days in

After I had found it rather tough at five days in, now things are getting better. And I feel I am making progress, which is nice.

Recent reps/loads are as follows

  • 3×3 Pull-ups
  • Goblet squats 2×10@44kg
  • Presses 10/7@20kg
  • Get-ups half 1min each@20kg
  • Swings hard 30@20kg

So what happened?

  • I am not dreading the workout anymore (today was an issue though, because of the weather … brrrr …), just going through it nice and easy
  • Presses feel much easier – the 10each / 7each today felt very feasible, easy almost; I started with 2x5e
  • The hardstyle swings now feel much snappier; increased reps by 5 (30 vs 25); also I believe they are stronger – I should probably start doing them for time otherwise comparison is difficult
  • The first Goblet squat @44kg was on day 4 and it was 2×8, today 2×10. The issue here is less the squat but more the rack hold
  • Pull-ups are slightly better, but not much I am afraid. Same for TGU’s

What now? Rinse. Lather. Repeat!

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