“The Road To Fitness” – The Book

UPDATE MARCH 2012: I am still working on my book, but it will be an evolution of the outline below. The “knowledge” part is ready – see Thor’s Guides – and now I am working on the narrative

I am currently working on a short book that lays out in detail what I have learned about the road from fat & sedentary to fit & fast (not that I am there yet, but I am clear how to get there – “Fitness is a journey, not a goal“).

UPDATE 10/Mar: You might have seen that the icon in the sidebar of the blog changed – I did mock up the title page of the book. Still far from finishing it though…

In preparation for the book I have put the cornerstones of my program into a short presentation. The book will of course explain this in much more detail, and “put some flesh to the bones”.

I have enclosed the presentation as images in this post – if you would like to obtain it as pdf file, please drop me an email, or catch me on Twitter.




Phase 1 – Off-Road

Phase 2 – Dirt-Track

Phase 3 – Pedal-to-the-Metal

Phase 4 – Cruise-Control

7 thoughts on ““The Road To Fitness” – The Book

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  2. I really like the metaphors you are using for the road map. Its easy to understand and looks like it will shape up to be a terrific guide. Very inspiring! Best, Michelle 🙂

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