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Off skiing

Back in a week, Update: it was awesome!

Introducing Thor’s WODs

As you have certainly seen, I have recently expanded my range of blogs. The first new blog was  Thor’s Reads my curated links where I keep notable post and pages that I come across on the web, with very little or no comment, as and when I come across them.

My second new blog was not really a blog, it is the eponymous home of Thor’s Guides, the series of free guides to topics related to nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle that I am currently working on and that will be the basis of my forthcoming book.

Today I created Thor’s WODs, the home of my workout log that up to now was here on Thor Falk. The reason for this was that – judging from the stats – my WODs were not of interest to too many people (…I wonder why…). However, some people apparently did like them, including myself – the log is a pretty good database – and so I decided to split the WODs from the rest, saving them from the high-frequency posting on my main blog when nothing really is happening.


Off to Paris

…and I am not sure whether the French have Internet already, or whether they are still on minitel :-), so there might be few new posts (not even WOD’s – deloading…) before Wednesday when I return.


I am not currently posting because… Continue reading

Announcement: new Categories Menu & Page

Dear Reader,

for your convenience I added a new Categories Menu & Page to the blog so that you can quickly find the post relating to the major topics on which I am blogging.