Chris Highcock’s HillFit – a review

I have finally finished Chris Highcocks HillFit (full blogger disclosure: I have received my review copy for free, but no other considerations or advantages) and I have to say I quite liked it.

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35 different squats

love it, given that squat is my favorite exercise:

Note: the site is a bit resource intensive – this particular post (which embeds 35 videos) takes up >1GB of RM on my MacBook Pro…)

CriticalMAS’ bodyweight HIT workout

CriticalMAS has a great example of an outdoor HIT workout

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A nice KB complex

CF SanRamon posted a nice KB complex recently:

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Nice TRX core sequence (Vinyasa Flow)

FitZaang had posted this nice  TRX sequence in video format:

As it is rather cumbersome to view it over and over again, here the skinny:

  • Cat stretch & Cobra
  • Knee tucks (pull legs towards chest, knees together)
  • Frog tucks (pull legs towards chest, knees apart)
  • Pikes (move the behind upwards)
  • Push-ups a volonte at either position

Enjoy, and thx FZ for sharing!

I like Goblet Squats

Avid readers will know that in the last days I started some double kettlebell work, mainly because I felt I needed to change my routine a bit and to work some new angles. I stumbled across a movement that I had done before but that I somehow did not appreciate at its full splendour at the time: the goblet squat

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I finally bought Convict Conditioning!

after Fit-Zaang and grmble were raving about it, I was glad to finally find it for the Kindle… Continue reading