Perfect Health Diet – a quick review

There can only be oneWorking on my book (actually one of the Guides, the one on Low Carb Diets; it will be part of the book eventually), I just finished the Perfect Health Diet written by a husband-and-wife-team, the Jaminet’s. My recommendation in a nutshell: buy the book, read it diagonally, and use liberally what you learn from it (blogger disclosure: this is what I did, including the buy-the-book part)

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A comparison of Zone, Atkins, and other diets

Gary Taubes is citing in his book a fascinating study that compares the impact of the Atkins, Zone and other diets. The diets compared are the following

  • Atkins: 20g of carbs / day for 2-3months, then 50g; unlimited fat & protein (at this level of carbs this diet is arguably almost Paleo as well)
  • Traditional: calorie restriction, carbs 55-60% of cals, fat < 30%, saturated < 10%
  • Ornish: fat <10%; meditation & exercise
  • Zone: 30/40/30% of cals from protein / carbs / fat

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Nutrition and Metabolism

I have just put up a page on nutrition and metabolism – it is rather long (it is one of the appendices of a book that I am working on). It looks the various views of the nutrition world (Calories-In/Calories-Out “CICO” vs It’s-The-Insulin-Stupid “ITIS”), the latter being expressed in many of the modern diets (eg Atkins, GI, Southbeach, Zone, Paleo/Primal) and what they say about how to lose weight.

How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time

All of us who are overweight and understrong have to address the same question: should I focus first on building muscle, or shall I first focus on reducing fat? After all – the summer comes along quickly, and we need results by then. But what if we had an eating strategy that would build muscle and consume fat at the same time? Continue reading

Updated page on books

My favorite books on exercise and nutrition:

Losing weight

Just a quick one to start with – I will have to say more about this subject, but this is a blog, not a book… To put it in context: Jan 2010 I decided that enough is enough and started losing weight, from 130kg starting to ca 105kg in April. At that point I started to get more serious about weight training and felt that losing weight is counterproductive. So since then I have kept my weight in the range 103-108kg, and I have also built some muscle. This blog here is more about the initial process of losing weight, I will write about my experience maintaining my weight whilst starting weight training in an upcoming post.

So what’s the secret. You can of course make it as complicated as you want to, but as far as I am concerned it boils down to four fundamental points:

  1. Control the overall calories
  2. Balance the macronutrients
  3. Eat (at least) five times a day
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