CrossFit Open – Address your weaknesses

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Is Durianrider trying to use subliminal messaging when having a go at Mark Sisson…

…or is he just really crap at cutting videos?

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Science abuse: Omega-6 drives homicide rate

I am currently reading the Perfect Health Diet book, and whilst I do overall like it, I am taken aback by some of the “science” that is cited. Which is the shame – there is a lot of science cited in there, and most of it sounds reasonable to the untrained eye, so bloopers like this one are really not necessary, because they undermine the confidence. For the record, my impression so far of the book is very good. I do perceive a tendency though to overplay his hand and in particular to present his 20/15/65 ratio as the only way to go. I would think that there is a bit more variation… Continue reading

WOW – This man CORRECTLY predicted the Giants vs Patriots Superbowl Score!?!

This is amazing – there was this man was able to predict the 21-17 accurately. Scientists say that the probability that someone gets the final score right is smaller than 1:1000, and this guys is a genius, – scientifically speaking with a “confidence of 99.9%”. In order to understand how amazing this is it is important to know that most medical and nutritional studies are done at a confidence level of typically 95% or 99% (rare). This may not sound like a big difference, but it in fact is: the important number is the residual – 0.1%, 1%, 5% – so the finding that the man is a genius is 10-50x “stronger” than that of the average medical or nutritional study.

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Exercise “Science” and Data Mining – a follow-up

I have recently written a post on how data-mining studies (and there are plenty of those in exercise sciences) need to be looked at very carefully. The result holds, now more than ever, but I was overcomplicating things – it is really very easy:  Continue reading

Ex-ante vs ex-post statistical significance or how to find relationships where there are none

If you have been over at my reading list today, you might have come across this post where I link to a study that seems to be saying that milk consumption is related to prostate cancer. This got me musing about how statistics can be – and often are – abused.

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My reading list…

…is over at Tumblr also on WordPress – interesting stuff that I come across the web, usually with (short) comments.

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Mariage Freres Tea Favorites

Haven’t been blogging for a while (…and exercising for that matter..) due to Christmas, the weather, and repeated trips to Paris (off again in a few hours for the new year). I have been buying a couple of teas from Mariage Freres lately. They have 100’s of teas though, and to remind myself which one’s I like I thought I keep a list. And why not keeping it on my blog

  • Rouge Bourbon Vanille: “red roiboos” that is “flavored with Bourbon Vanilla” – this tea is the reason I went to Mariage Freres in the first place – I had bought one 10 years ago in France and could not find it – nice tea, but I am now more into green teas (and this one really goes well with a bit of sugar, which I generally avoid)
  • The a l’Opera: a green tea with “red berries” and “precious spices” – awesome! Very green, and slightly fruity
  • Pharaon: “green Indian tea” with “essences of fruit from the Nile delta” – also very nice; more fruity than the Opera
  • Yunnan Imperial: “one of Yunnan’s most reputable teas” and “a truly grand breakfast tea” – agreed. Very nice black tea.
  • Wedding Imperial: the “malty power of golden Assam” and the “sweetness of notes of chocolate and caramel”. Smells wonderful. Taste is not quite my thing though, but my parents liked it very much. Merry Christmas
  • Ruschka, Russian Breakfast, Earl Grey French Blue: various Earl Grey’ish teas – havent sampled them yet

Gingerbread Haka

I will take my daughter to a rugby game next weekend, and from watching some rugby clips on YT we migrated to looking at hakas. My favorite: the gingerbread haka. But the rabbits werent bad either. And of course the real thing…

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Welcome to my new gym

After our move to France is finally over – and with our daughter’s first day in the local school today – I finally have some time to write about my new training focus, and – more to the point – my new “gym”.

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