Dan John: Mass Made Simple – A review

After having finished Easy Strength recently, and Never Let Go a while back, I recently bought Dan John’s book Mass Made Simple, and I managed to read it in the train to Paris and back yesterday. Here my review: Continue reading

Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline: Easy Strength – a Review

Ahead of my holidays I finally bought “Easy Strength” by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline. As expected, the book was extremely good, albeit probably a bit less suited to deciding what I want to do for myself than a number of the other books by the same authors. The main target area for this book is clearly people who train others, and it provides an excellent framework for doing that. Having said this, if you are able to read diagonally and you don’t get stressed by an overload of information that is not even applicable in your case then this book is even a very important read for every athlete and weekend warrior who wants to be a bit more clued in about training philosophy and options.

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Chris Highcock’s HillFit – a review

I have finally finished Chris Highcocks HillFit (full blogger disclosure: I have received my review copy for free, but no other considerations or advantages) and I have to say I quite liked it.

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Perfect Health Diet – a quick review

There can only be oneWorking on my book (actually one of the Guides, the one on Low Carb Diets; it will be part of the book eventually), I just finished the Perfect Health Diet written by a husband-and-wife-team, the Jaminet’s. My recommendation in a nutshell: buy the book, read it diagonally, and use liberally what you learn from it (blogger disclosure: this is what I did, including the buy-the-book part)

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Me, Myself & Dan John (“Never Let Go”) – Take aways for my training

Those are the first take-aways for my own personal training program after reviewing my notes from reading Dan John’s book “Never Let Go” (here and here)

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Me, Myself & Dan John (“Never Let Go”) – One more thing: the Slosh Pipe

Forgot about the best part of the book – the Slosh Pipe!

(Part 1 of the notes is here, part 2 here)

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Me, Myself & Dan John (“Never Let Go”) – Part II

Continuation of my notes after reading Dan John’s  “Never Let Go” (you see I had a lot of time today – taking the train back from London to France). Part 1 is here.

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