“Dynamic” hormone-specific training for spot-reduction of love handles

Another installment of my hormone-based training series (posts here), testing John Romaniello’s assertion that different training modalities can elicit a certain hormonal response, the results in fat loss in a certain area of the body (see here for an overview). Continue reading

About BIG and small exercises (for a Density Workout)

In my template for a density workout I have classified exercises in big and small one’s, and I want to be a bit more precise on what I mean with this in this post. Continue reading

Training to target a specific hormonal response – Density training, testosterone, and spot reduction

As promised earlier I will now start discussing the training method that promises to elicit a specific hormonal response – and thereby reducing fat in certain problem areas – by following a specific training protocol.

As a quick reminder – the following table is really at the base of the system. Details are explained here, suffice to say that for each of the three problem areas the table identifies a problem hormone that is responsible for storing fat in those areas, a solution hormone that counters its effects, and a training protocol that brings the body to naturally produce the problem hormone Continue reading

Designing your training for specific hormonal impact and spot reduction


This is the summary post for the series on how you can use training to impact your hormonal balance – and with this influence in which areas fat will be burned. Well, thats the claim at least. I am still testing. Stay tuned!

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Influencing hormones through training – Density Training


Gear for Density Training
I did end up buying the program because I was rather intrigued by the alleged possibility to influence specific hormone levels by the training method chosen. So today I did the first “density training” workout, which supposedly jacks up my testosterone levels.

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Spot fat reduction, hormones, and training strategy


Alright, I did some more research and I have some preliminary results. Continue reading

“Spot fat reduction” using hormone-focused training ?!?


I have come across an interesting topic recently, notably how you supposedly can manage where to reduce fat by choosing the right exercise and nutritional strategy. And no, this is not “do crunches to lose your belly fat” – it is more complex than that and certainly prima facie the reasoning is sound.

As I am researching this I will dump some of the information here. So please don’t expect an ultra structured post (that one will hopefully come later UPDATE: here, and first experience here and here) but if you are interested in the data dump then read on
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