Lactic Acid Protocol (“LAP”)

This is the protocol devised by John Romaniello in his hormonal focus training program. It is meant to maximise the production of lactic acid, which in turn will lead to an increased production of growth hormone.

Cornerstones of the protocol

  • Moderate weights – maybe 50% of 1RM
  • High reps – 10-15x if possible
  • Slow concentrics* – 3s
  • Fast eccentrics* – as fast as possible without risking injury

I usually also control the recovery period on this protocol (30s seems to be a good number, typically a RLR of about 0.5-1)

Concentric movements are where the muscle contracts under load (eg pushing up the weight on a press, or a squat). Eccentric movements are those where it extends under load (“negatives”)


2 thoughts on “Lactic Acid Protocol (“LAP”)

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