I am a big fan of Kelly Starrett. A while ago he launched this amazing MobilityWOD website. For the last three months I try to follow it, but it always slips. Key reason – I am trying to work my way through the past MWOD’s and they are somehow difficult to follow, especially on the iPad. Enter WordPress, and its amazing ability to embed YouTube vids. So this page – and its children – is my personal MWOD diary. Feel free to browse it though.


List of Key Exercises


By Body Part

By Exercise

Other Selections

Attention: those pages contain a lot of embedded videos, and this means a lot of Flash players. As Steve Jobs has pointed out (a bit more eloquently I believe), Flash is really a piece of cr+p, certainly on the Mac, so those pages might kill your browser. If this is the case, just look at them using the iPhone or iPad – there Flash does not work, the embedded player is HTML5, and everything works beautifully. Not supporting Flash on the iOS was the best decision Mr Jobs ever made IMHO.
If you dont have an iDevice, use Flashblock – works for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

7 thoughts on “MobilityWOD

  1. Haha! I dont even know how I came here 😀 but your page ist PURE gold, your work on the Mwod clips of Kstarr is awesome!
    Thank you for putting so much effort in analysing the videos and all the links! Also the tags is a great idea.

    Greetings from Germany
    – future physiotherapist-

  2. This is awesome… I have done a similar thing but gone into more of an explanation so that if you knew the general movements he used you could read it and perform it all without watching the vids. Unfortunately, it was very time consuming and I have only managed to get to #71 so far!

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