The MobilityWOD overview page is here

82/ protect your scrotch or medial hamstring fun

Tags: #hamstring, #squat, #deadlift

  • But do cultivate 5 min of messing around on each leg. Try to squat and deadlift before and after. Noticing anything?

105/ Dead Lift Prep I

Hip Capsule: exaggerate external rotation 3 min each side
Tags: #deadlift, #hamstring, #hip, #hipcapsule

  • 1:30 test: leg extension, back straight
  • 2:40 exc 1: hip capsule stretch
  • 3:15 exc 2: hamstring door stretch, contract/relax

106/ Deadlift part 2

Tags: #deadlift, #abs, #externalrotation
Try and collect 5 min of external rotation/hip mobilization on an elevated surface on each leg.
Then, go stomp.

  • 0:40 external rotation
  • 1:55 hammer external rotators
  • 3:00 exc 1: 5min each external rotation on elevated surface
  • 3:25 hang out where you are tight
  • 4:10 intro hollow rocking position
  • 4:20 importance of abs
  • 5:00 exc 2: hollow rocking 30-50 rocks

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