MobilityWODs – Sequential 76-100

The MobilityWOD overview page is here

76/ World Rowing Champs Need Thoracic Mobility Too

  • Test: Overhead squat
  • Mwod: Pain peom
  • Retest: OH squat

78/ Un-impinge yourself from mental slavery

  • The basic rule: To improve flexion, mobilize to the back of the joint!

80/ Best Shoulder Mob Ever

Tags: #shoulder

  • MWod: Collect 2-3 minutes for all three mobs each side.

  • 0:30 external rotation
  • 1:20 test/retest: rack
  • 1:40 exc 1: distract arm with band; load with kettlebell; lock elbow; externally rotate (complicated)
  • 3:40 exc 2: external rotation with pulling arm back with band overhead
  • 4:20 exc 3: roll around ball on back (below scapula); wind up with arm

81/ Benching Global (Extension)

82/ protect your scrotch or medial hamstring fun

Tags: #hamstring, #squat, #deadlift

  • But do cultivate 5 min of messing around on each leg. Try to squat and deadlift before and after. Noticing anything?

  • 0:15 mobilisation = conjugate system; keep changing
  • 0:40 sympathetic sweat
  • 1:00 exc 1: roll bar over adductors
  • 2:00 exc 1a: stretch
  • 3:20 exc 2: roll hamstring with bar on power rack
  • 4:00 exc 3: same with lacross ball
  • 4:40 exc 2a: roll on bar
  • 5:10 exc 4: glue & ball; contract/relax
  • 5:40 laminating those fibers by sitting on it

83/ Think of Your Hips and Shoulders As One joint

Tags: #shoulder, #hip

86/ New Shoulder Mob Zulu: First Rib Love

Tags: #shoulder

  • Try and collect 5 min messing around with each arm. Then, retest your shoulder, overhead or in a push up position.

87/ Clearing Hip Impingement 2

Tags: #hip

88/ Desk Athlete Hip Rescue

Tags: #hip

Test/Retest: Squat and straight jump (feet together air born position like a double under).

89/ Bro, Your Internal Rotation is Lacking

Tags: #shoulder, #internalrotation

MWod: Find out your shoulder IR. Test and retest with the high pull or ring dip. Get a partner and test them. Then, suffer.

90/ 10 min squat # 3

Tags: #squat, #paleochair

The goal is simple, collect 10 minutest working on the bottom of your squat.

  • 0:20 lack of ROM
  • 0:40 baseline
  • 0:45 no internal rotation
  • 1:30 arch
  • 2:00 variation with bar (super-stars only)
  • 2:10 press back, meniscus saver
  • 2:30 dont leave knees out and forward
  • 2:40 legs out
  • 2:55 rotation
  • 3:15 pelvis rotation / nutation
  • 3:50 feet together

91/ The other side of death by sitting

92/ Mile High Club Hips

Tags: #hip

94/ Bench as Shoulder ER Torque Trainer

Tags: #shoulder, #externalrotation

95/ The Lower Extremity Basic List

97/ Hip Mobilty For Improved Squatting Tomorrow

Tags: #hip, #squat

98/ Basic Upper Body Mobility List

99/ Solving front rack problems

  • Test:Retest: Can you think critically about how to improve your front rack positioning? What pieces are limiting you from that 400lb front squat?

100/ Quads or Spine? Quads!


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