MobilityWODs – Sequential 26-50

The MobilityWOD overview page is here

26/ Hips and Seppuku: Psoas and Hip Soft Tissue Mob

Tags: #hip, #psoas

Test: Kettle bell overhead position. Like they would judge you in the games. Note how you much you overextend.
Mob: 2 min each Glute with the ball.
1 min each Psoas
3 min each hip messing about in the cross legged hip mob.
Retest: Hollow rock positioning? It’s the same as overhead btw.

  • 0:25 ball massage demo on skeleton
  • 0:45 exc 1: lacrosse-ball your butt
  • 1:05 pancake back & forth
  • 1:20 talk about psoas using the skeleton
  • 2:05 exc 2: psoas lacrosse ball massage
  • 2:55 psoas problem = overextending
  • 3:30 exc 3: back/hip/sides stretch in half lotus

29/ TV timing Front of the hip; lower leg

Tags: #hip, #leg

Test: Can you squeeze your butt to control over extension/loss of position of your lumbar when under extension load?
MWOD: See if you can spend 2-3 minutes tweaking with the coach stretch.
1 min each on the front of your lower legs
1 min each with your elbow on your inner lower leg

  • 0:50 positional inhibition – def’n
  • 1;40 arm-over test
  • 2:00 calf stretch
  • 2:10 test/retest: press hip down & squeeze butt
  • 2:40 exc 1: go hunting in strange corner (hip external / internal rotation)
  • 3:10 exc 2: anterior tibialis stretch; curl toes
  • 3:40 alternative 1: prayer position
  • 3:50 alternative 2: standing position
  • 4:05 exc 3: elbow deep tissue massage

31/ 10 min squat II & shoulder impingment

Tags: #squat, #paleochair, #shoulder

  • 0:15 shoulder impingement
  • 0:50 exc 1: shoulder mobilisation
  • 1:30 details
  • 2:05 exc 2: use a heavy weight
  • 2:30 dave tate
  • 3:10 exc 3: use band
  • 3:50 paleo chair
  • 4:00 feet angle
  • 4:15 knees out
  • 4:40 do this after exercise

35/ Spinal Rotation; Box squat groin torture

Tags: #squat, #groin, #hip, #spine, #spinalrotation

Test: Box squat with wide stance
Mwod: Adductor wall “groinage” beat down 3 min
Spine rotation, 2 min each side
Retest: Box Squat

  • 0:35 fall forward with the two hand rule: adductors
  • 1:25 test/retest: box squat
  • 1:50 why not doing adductor stretches sitting
  • 2:05 exc 1: side split (addutors), active squats, turn feet out – 2-3min
  • 2:55 grandma spinal rotation
  • 3:00 exc 2: spinal rotation: drop leg over, foot to ground, other hand over, look at hand
  • 3:55 exc 3: hook leg and drop, work on internal rotation, look over

36/ Bias Bias. Hip flexion/External Rotation

Tags: #hip, #externalrotation
Try to collect 8-10 minutes exploring the differences between flexion then external rotation or, external rotation then flexion.

  • 0:10 load ordering – how to bias tissue
  • 0:30 flexion first, then external rotation
  • 1:05 go hunting on external rotation
  • 1:25 external rotation first, then flexion
  • 1:40 homework details

38/ Lower Body Pillow Sleeping Support; Overextension and the KB Swing

Tags: #kettlebell, #shoulder, #hip, #externalrotation

Test: Standing with arms overhead like a Cf Games legit swing, do you overextend or tilt your ribcage.
Mwod: Contract relax for 2 min or so over a foam roller/two lacrosse balls/ GHD etc.
Overhead arm distraction mob with band 2 min each side. Really focus on the ER of the hand.
Retest: Overhead better? Can you see how improving the ER overhead allows for less tweaking of the low back via less thoracic overextension? Usually we think about the front of the hip as causing low back OExt. In this case, we are going to try and feed some slack to the system from the top.

  • 0:55 movement and movement problem; overhead kettlebell
  • 1:35 test on floor: raise arms without losing extension (ie going into over-extension)
  • 2:15 put pillow under knees
  • 2:35 side: pillow between knees
  • 3:15 overhead swing: cues
  • 3:40 exc 1: stretch thorax over foam roller (hips down, arms overhead & weighted)
  • 5:10 exc 2: shoulder band stretch: rotate externally
  • 5:50 exc 3: ball rolling, potentially weighted
  • 6:35 exc 4: lying on foam roller parallel to spine

39/ USAW Oly Prep: A New Hip mob/psoas/calves

Tags: #hip, #calf, #psoas

Today’s MWod: Test: Receiving Position in the Snatch
Mwod: 2-3 minutes up against the wall groin beat down
2 min each leg psoas hip hinge
2 min each leg calf stretch
Re-test: Schnatch!

  • 0:30 receive in deep squat – psoas
  • 0:55 exc 1: wind up against wall, then show knees out (1:20) – 3-4min
  • 2:15 exc 2: psoas lunge stretch (overhead hold) – cf #4
  • 2:55 exc 3: calf stretch – cf #2

41/ Stab Yourself, Then Hammies, Low Back, and Quad Mashing

Tags: #hamstring, #lowerback, #quad

min each leg on the Hammie/Hurdler Stretch
4min each leg mashing the crap out of your quad bits (if it’s a little intense just stroke the furry walls)

  • 0:00 rolling on ball with weight
  • 0:50 exc 1: classic Yoga back / hamstring stretch (keep belly tight)
  • 1:30 exc 2: high hamstring seated hurdle stretch
  • 2:05 exc 2a: alternative position
  • 2:30 exc3: foam rolling the hamstring 4min each (move leg on sticking points)
  • 3:15 rolling over
  • 3:30 recap

42/ Mobilize at the Position of Restriction

Tags: #hip, #hamstring

Mwod: 2 min of side to side hip grinders
2 min each side lateral hammies
2 min each side front of hip stretch of your choice
Practice hollow rocking. 10 sec on/off x 10 rounds

  • 0:45 upstream/downstream
  • 2:45 exc 1: paleo chair & cosack grind-across; knee stays back! 2min
  • 3:40 exc 2: lunge lateral hamstring stretch
  • 4:20 exc 3: press into corner from lunge
  • 5:10 exc 4: back extension

45/ Torque is king: Three way Hip mob

Tags: #hip, #shoulder

Test: Any hip extension movement, heck it could even be rowing, or Pilates.
Mwod: Spend 2 min each: Capsule/muscle/sliding surface (6 min total each leg )
Retest: How you feel now? More awesome? Did you test in between? Could you tell which mob had the biggest pay off?
Does order matter?

  • 0:20 importance of external rotation and torque
  • 0:50 bench press cues: pull the bar apart; break it: torque. same on floor
  • 1:35 example on rower: external rotation connects better
  • 2:45 three-way-hip intro
  • 2:55 exc 1: use band, push femur through capsule, stay high – 2min each
  • 3:55 exc 2: simple pidgeon pose; 5on / 10 off
  • 4:45 exc 3: ass-ball massage
  • 5:10 1 for capsule, 2 for muscle, 3 for sliding surfaces

47/ The 5 Way Shoulder, Front Wheel Drive Test

Tags: #shoulder, #neck

Test: Pull up
Mwod: 1 min each direction. 1 min x 5
Both arms for a total of 10 min of upper extremity suppleness.

  • 0:35 correlate: heel to butt – fail (assessment of anterior structure)
  • 1:35 five way shoulder
  • 1:45 exc 1: overhead forward position, working on lats – 1min
  • 2:00 exc 2: overhead backward position, biasing triceps, ripcage down, thumb up – 1min
  • 2:15 exc 3: sideward outward position, biceps and chest bias, palm up, pull neck optional – 1min
  • 2:40 exc 4: sideward across position, palm down, second hand on top, lean forward and back, neck optional – 1min
  • 3:05 exc 5; sideward, hand behind back, stretch neck – 1min

48/ Group Suffering, Low Extremity Modifications

49/ The Evil Lab: Overextension In Running with Fixes and The Machine

  • Test: Run a few 100′s
  • Mwod: Hit the psoas, couch, and calves. Try and nail 2-3 minutes on each side/each thing. If something isn’t giving you grief, move on.
  • Retest: How was your forward lean on the next few 100′s? Better I’d bet

50/ pulling sumo. And barbells for boobs


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