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15/ Overhead squat help

Tags: #squat

35/ Spinal Rotation; Box squat groin torture

Tags: #squat, #groin

Test: Box squat with wide stance
Mwod: Adductor wall “groinage” beat down 3 min
Spine rotation, 2 min each side
Retest: Box Squat

71/ Overhead squat/snatch prep

Tags: #squat, #hip, #groin, #shoulder

  • Test: Overhead Squat/Snatch Receiving Position
  • Mwod: Two minuets opening up the hip and groin against the wall.
  • Two minutes each leg doing sweeping/roaming Pigeon Pose
  • Two minutes Foam Roller/keg drill with barbell if possible
  • Two minutes each side bully shoulder drill

74/ Box Squat Tension, New Pain Ball Hell

Tags: #squat, #groin, #hip, #hipcapsule, #thorax

  • Box squat groin mob: 2 min working knees out and folding forward (sorry this sucks)
  • Hip capsule Mob with lateral band distraction: 2 min grinding each side
  • First Rib beat down for overhead 1-2 min each side
  • Internal rotation thoracic mob: 1-2 min suffering each side
  • Test: Box squat to below parallel /Retest: box squat deeper with good ER torque

82/ protect your scrotch or medial hamstring fun

Tags: #hamstring, #squat, #deadlift

  • But do cultivate 5 min of messing around on each leg. Try to squat and deadlift before and after. Noticing anything?

97/ Hip Mobilty For Improved Squatting Tomorrow

Tags: #hip, #squat

110/ 10 x 1 min Sets Across or Bury It Into Your Day

Tags: #hip, #squat
Today’s mission is to break up the Mwod into little chunks that are done throughout the day.
Your goal is to collect 10 x 1 min hip flexion mobs with the foot up on an elevated surface.

  • 1:00 exc 1: 5x1min each: leg up, mobilise hip
  • 1:30 foot up, not pidgeon pose

113/ Improving Squatting Mechanics

Tags: #squat. #hamstring, #internalrotation

  • 0:30 exc 1: internal rotation with super friend
  • 2:00 test/retest
  • 2:10 shoulder equivalent
  • 2:25 exc 2: hamstring w/ friend
  • 2:50 details
  • 3:35 exc 3: lunge hamstring stretch
  • 4:00 keep foot down

117/ Working the Deep Squat

Tages: #squat, #hip, #ITband
So: Here are the fruits of my obsession. Grab your band and get going. 2 min, every drill each side.
Test/retest with your full snatch position.

  • 0:10 hip ROM
  • 0:30 internal rotation (hip quadrum)
  • 1:05 exc 1: band & wall & hip-opener squat vs wall 2-3min each
  • 1:50 when range, get closer
  • 2:10 foot position
  • 2:20 contract/relax
  • 2:25 exc 2: internal rotation, 2-3min each
  • 3:20 exc3: IT band
  • 3:40 details (with roller)
  • 4:00 rolling over 3-4min each

119/ Most Embarrassing Mob Ever: Qudditich

Tags: #hip, #hipextension, #squat
Test/Retest: Squat

  • 0:50 extension
  • 1:25 exc 1: hip lunge stretch on bench, rotation
  • 2:00 exc 2: turn and pull hip into body
  • 2:45 exc 3: dirty one
  • 3:20 details: sit on bar, quidditch posn (hold bar)
  • 4:00 external rotation, pull down

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