Personal Records – Last Available

PRHere a non-exhaustive list of my personal records. I will maintain it on this static page, and I will post copies into my blog every month or so to see the progress (or lack thereof…). Changes since the last “freeze” are noted in red.

Strength PR’s

Mainly single, weighted low-rep exercises, executed without a significant time component. Currently all of the bodyweight stuff is also here, even though arguable some of it would fit better in the metcon / strength endurance section

Backsquat, parallel, 5×5 125kg 02/Apr
Backsquat, parallel, 5×8 95kg 10/Jun
Backsquat, 20 reps straight 100kg 15/Jul
Backsquat, low (4-box), 5×5 100kg 29/Jan
Front Squat tbc
Overhead Squat 2×5 40kg 28/Apr
Regular Deadlifts, 1×5 115kg 09/Jan
Regular Deadlifts, 3×8 100kg 2/Aug
Romanian Deadlifts, 1×10 30kg 2/May
Normal grip, 5×5 72.5kg 29/Apr
Normal grip, 5×10 40kg 27/Apr
Normal grip, 3×8 65kg 14/Apr
Barbell military, 3×3 50kg 3/May
Barbell military, 3×10 30kg 27/Apr
Barbell push press, 3×3 52.5kg 11/Apr
Dips, 5×5 BW-4kg 30/Apr
TRX Dips none 2/May
TRX Hold 7×10-20s 2/May
Dips, BW 3×3 2/May
Pull-ups, parallel grip, 5×5 BW-10kg 21/Feb
Pull-ups, wide grip, 5×5 BW-30kg 2/May
Pull-ups, 50x tbc
Push-ups, 50x 5:50 22/Apr
Handstand hold (wall) 3x60s 24/Apr
Box jumps, 1×10 79cm (13 seg’s) 15/Apr

BW = Body Weight

Metcon & Strength Endurance PR’s

Single efforts, compound movements, and circuits, executed for endurance and/or strength endurance. Both time and weights (where appropriate) are key components

“Swing 5min” (20kg, 5min) 116x 14/Oct
“Swing 1min hard” (20kg, 1min) 38x 29/Mar
“Press 5min” (20kg, 5min) 46x 7/Oct
“Snatch 5min” (20kg, 5min) 71x 14/Oct
“Push Press 5min” (20kg, 5min) 50x 22/Apr
“Swing 250” (20kg, 250x) 19:40 11/Oct 
“Press 100” (20kg, 100x) 20:20 13/Oct 
“Snatch 200” (20kg, 200x) 25:30 10/Oct 
Turkish Get-Ups, 20kg tbc
5k (treadmill) 35:56 (7:11/1k) 17/Feb
5k (Track 2) 38:59 (7:48/1k) 6/Oct
3x800m (treadmill) 4:23 (33s/100m) 11/Feb
3x800m,tbc tbc
6x400m, treadmill 2:05 (31s/100m) 9/Feb
320m (Track 1) 1:47 (33s/100m) 7/Sep
185m x5 (Track 1a) 0:48

Rehab/Prehab PR’s

Obviously not meaningful PR’s in the strict sense of the word, but worth remembering nevertheless what loads I used on the various exercises.

Wrist curls 3×15/3:15@8kg 11/Jun
Front flies 2×10@5kg 26/Apr
Cross flies 2×15@5kg 26/Apr
French doors 2×10@5kg 26/Apr

Convict Conditioning PR’s

CCPR’s have been moved to their own dedicated page